Herzing University had its beginning in 1965 when it started as a computer training institute in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In 1970, the name was changed to Herzing Institute and the organization began to grow through the acquisition of other schools. These included the Wisconsin School of Electronics in Madison, Wisconsin, which has a history dating back to 1948. Later, the Milwaukee location was closed in favor of the Madison location but the system headquarters has remained in Milwaukee. The name of the school was changed to Herzing College in 1996, and since then the institution has grown to include campuses in eight states plus an online division, which is located with the system headquarters. The addition of graduate programs in 2009 led to the school's current name, Herzing University.

The Akron Institute was founded in 1970 and has provided training in the Akron area continuously since that date. The school, which became a campus of Herzing in 2004, has grown to its present size with the addition of programs, increases in staff, and expansion of facilities, necessitating a move to a larger building in 2004. The name was changed from Akron Institute of Herzing University to Akron Campus—Herzing University in January 2013.

The college was founded in 1949 as Massey Junior College. Massey Junior College became part of Herzing in 1979. The Atlanta campus moved to its present location in 2005.

Initially founded as Electronic Computer Programming Institute in 1965 at 1218 South 20th Street, the college was acquired by Herzing in 1968. In December 1994, the college was moved to its present address at 280 West Valley Avenue, Birmingham, Alabama.

The Herzing University - Brookfield campus first opened its doors in March 2010 and is the newest addition to the Herzing University system.

The Kenosha campus began enrolling students in the fall of 2009 as an additional location of Herzing University to serve the communities of Kenosha, Racine, northern Illinois, and the surrounding areas.

Originally the Wisconsin School of Electronics, the school was founded in 1948 by several local Madison businessmen involved in the television and radio industry. In 1970, the school merged with Herzing Institute. In 1996, bachelor degrees were added.

Herzing University's Minneapolis campus was created by the incorporation of two well-established specialty colleges in the Minneapolis area. Minneapolis Drafting School Division became part of Herzing University in June of 2000. Established in 1961, the Minneapolis Drafting School trained and placed its graduates in all phases of drafting and design.

The Lakeland Medical-Dental Academy became part of Herzing University in May of 2002. Established in 1958, Lakeland Medical-Dental Academy trained and placed its graduates in many phases of allied health.

The Minneapolis campus has since added programs in business, design, and public safety to the core technology and healthcare programs.

New Orleans
The Herzing University - New Orleans campus started its first class in 1996 as part of Herzing University - Atlanta. The campus relocated in 2010 to its present location in order to serve a greater number of community residents looking to obtain a Herzing education.

Established in 1991, the Omaha School of Massage Therapy moved to its present location in 1995 and became part of Herzing University in June of 2008. Now known as Omaha School of Massage and Healthcare of Herzing University, the campus has since expanded its programs to include other specialty areas of healthcare as well as bachelor's and associate degrees in addition to shorter diploma programs.

In 2003, Herzing University launched its Online campus, making education available to students from the comfort of their own home, the local library, or favorite coffee shop. Providing educational opportunities whenever and wherever a student desires, Herzing University - Online offers students the opportunity to enroll in master's degrees (added in 2009), bachelor's degrees, associate degrees, and diploma programs.

Herzing University in Orlando started its first classes in 1995 as an additional location of Herzing University - Atlanta. Excelling in the fields of healthcare and technology, the Orlando campus pioneered the University's Tech Academy programs in 2008 to offer students preparation for in-demand IT certifications in as little as four months.

Herzing University - Toledo started its first classes in 2009. Offering bachelor's and associate degrees in addition to diploma programs, Herzing students in Toledo can choose from programs in the fields of technology, business, healthcare, design, and public safety.

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