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Valley Expo & Displays
4950 American Road
Rockford, IL, United States

Phone: 815-873-1500 ext. 117
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TO REALLY BE THE SHOW, you need precise execution of planning, people and materials – not to mention the success of your show will depend greatly on the success of your exhibitors. That said; as your general service contractor, we will supply you with virtually anything and everything needed to ensure their success.

We will coordinate a wide variety of people and teams (such as freight companies, unions, etc.) so that every detail is considered and accounted for.

It's simple; we know how to put on the show. From planning to execution, to tear-down and storage, we provide insightful recommendations, creative ideas and in-house design capabilities to make this show come together. After all, it's our integration and coordination of many different people and teams that make Valley the ideal general service contractor.

Choosing a General Service Contractor

We want to help you make the most informed decision about selecting a Service Contractor…even in the unfortunate event that you do not choose Valley. Here is a short list of tips designed to help guide you through the process.

  • Establish service goals and expectations with the General Contractors.
  • Your General Contractor should have the capability to communicate with exhibitors and provide information digitally.
  • Your General Contractor should understand the value of show promotions and brand extension and provide services to help your organization.
  • Your General Contractor should understand the logistics of managing the flow of vendors, exhibitors and visitors.
  • Your General Contractor needs to understand the importance of coordinated directional graphics throughout the facility.
  • Your General Contractor should have the necessary manpower in addition to familiarity of many venues.
  • Your General Contractor should be able to design and produce graphics, entrance units, kiosks, rental exhibits and specialty items that are fresh and exciting.

Look at the top 20% of the exhibitors in your show. Odds are they represent 80% of your total exhibit space. Since their show success depends on your success, consider creating a year-round custom communication program designed just for them.

In addition, keep in mind that 40% of show attendees are coming for the very first time. This means that your communications and promotions program should include methods to help exhibitors promote themselves more effectively. This will create a win-win situation for you and your exhibitors.

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