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Advanced Pain Management
4131 W. Loomis Road #300
Greenfield, WI, United States

Phone: 414 325 4662
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Advanced Pain Management employs trusted physicians who have years of experience diagnosing and treating patients. Advanced Pain Management is one of the premier pain clinics in the country, offering advanced, minimally invasive diagnostic and therapeutic services to enable patients suffering from pain to restore function, relieve pain and renew hope. You might call Advanced Pain Management a diamond in the rough — exceptional patient care and some of the most experienced pain management physicians in the world, right here in Wisconsin.

Industry Leaders

Since pain facilities vary greatly in size, philosophy and treatment approaches, it is important for you to know what sets Advanced Pain Management apart from other pain management practices.

Multidisciplinary Practice

At Advanced Pain Management, physicians from different fields of medicine work as a team to provide care to the individual patient. We also co-manage patients with other specialists.

Comprehensive Approach

At Advanced Pain Management, we treat the whole person. Our physicians work with the patient to develop a comprehensive, individualized treatment plan that may include:
Interventional procedures
Psychological therapies
Medication management
Co-management of patients with physical therapy, chiropractic care and occupational therapy
Lifestyle modification (such as exercise, diet and smoking cessation)
Complementary and alternative medicine (acupuncture and massage therapy)

Solely Dedicated to Pain Management

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