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Accesa Labs

El Segundo, CA, United States

Phone: 8889469522
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Accesa Labs provides access to affordable lab testing through an online interface. In a time of rising healthcare costs, we enable people to order lab tests at transparent, guaranteed prices and get tested at local labs.

Accesa Labs is involved with helping people meet their work and school compliance needs. A common area of lab testing in this area is drug testing. Commonly a 10 panel drug test is required by both prospective employers and schools to prove that one has not been using specific drugs prior to becoming involved with a specific organization.

Drug testing can also be done with other public health initiatives related to proving immunity to specific communicable diseases. In a world of ongoing debates about the efficacy of vaccines, Accesa Labs offers access to a blood test called an MMR titer that can demonstrate the presence of antibodies in the blood - and immunity - to specific communicable diseases.

STD testing is another area that can cause apprehension when one is concerned about a sexually transmitted infection and does not know where or how to test for it privately and affordably. Herpes, for example, is widespread and yet many people experience high levels of anxiety when concerned that they have herpes and do not have the ability to get a herpes test privately and quickly. Online herpes testing - and STD testing in general - help with screening the public for STIs like herpes. 

This goes for general lab testing as well. The complete blood count, or CBC test, is frequently necessary as a screening tool for anemia, infection, or for general wellness.  Access to an affordable CBC test can provide invaluable information, particularly when one is concerned about hematological disorders. 

Accesa Labs is motivated to help people gain access to the lab testing that they need.

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