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Accesa Health
21730 S. Vermont, Ste 131
Torrance, CA, United States

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Accesa Health is a wellness and medical center that provides healthcare services to patients at transparent prices in Southern California. Since 2008, we have serve tens of thousands of patients and continue to work to improve access to affordable healthcare.

Accesa Health offers a wide range of wellness services to help people meet their health goals. For example, weight loss is a problem that many people struggle with throughout the course of their lives. And while standard measures of eating well and getting exercise are important, they do not always accomplish the task of helping people sustainably keep the weight off. In cases like this, having a medical weight loss clinic assist with a combination of a structured diet and with intermittent medication therapy can be o

Another area of growing interest is IV hydration - particularly hydration combined with minerals and vitamins that may be missing in one's daily diet. The Myers' cocktail was invented decades ago and continues to serve as an interesting source of IV nutrition for people who might otherwise have trouble getting it.

Quality nutrients such as vitamin B12 can also be passed in other ways and Accesa Health is focused on optimizing the approach for any given person. The B12 shot seems to provide a variety of effects in certain people anecdotally and may be another option for people who are B12 deficient or are not getting relief from other forms of medical treatments. 

Health and the evidence behind it continues to evolve and we are glad to provide services that can help people get and stay healthy.

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