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Bomb It is a famous online game series that will bring you the most exciting moments of your gaming time. The game is known for its reputation that it has gained over the years and it never fails to entertain you. This game will make you it's addict by itself because of the quality that it has bought with the seventh chapter - Bomb It 7.
This chapter is being introduced with amazing new features such as costumes for its character, new thrilling arena, new game modes, and lots of more brand-new surprises, so let’s bomb it.
The Gameplay of Bomb It 7
The gameplay is simple; you have to move around the map carrying the deadly bombs with you. You need to plant the bombs and try to eliminate the other player. Try not to get destroyed from your opponent’s bomb. Bomb It 7 is a classy bombing game that you can play online on Mantigames - the place for you to play online games with friends. This game is one of the most trending games of 2018 and also the highest rated one.
You can either play the game solo against the artificial intelligence-controlled opponents or with another player online. Just like any other massively multiplayer online gaming, you can join the game with your friends which are supported using split screen mechanics. It is the best fun version of the game available, so don’t delay and play right now.
Game Visualisations & Controls
Characters, costumes, and their customizations are at its best. In all, there are eight characters. You can choose from an alien character to a cute princess girl. All the characters are very lively and energetic. For the customization instance, you can add different hats, different eyes or a mask if you want. Every customization has it the price based on the points you earn. The more points you earn, the more customization you can add to your exuberant characters.
The game presentation is very well-visualized. You can see your player’s health and the number of bombs you have on the left-hand side of the screen. This little feature in the game creates a difference and makes the players happy with the game.
The game controlling is easy to make your moves and attack easy. You can use your arrow keys to move up, down, right, and left. To plant the bomb or hit the enemy with the thunder, the spacebar will do just fine. 
Game Modes & Arena
In all, the game has five different modes for you. The modes available are arcade, battle royale, new Pacman, star collector, and Iceman. All the five modes have its characteristics. Inside all the five modes there are nine more arenas in which you can play. Arenas are theme based such as boutique, bakery, forest, classroom, Christmas, beach, ranch, race track, and toy store. The different arena has different feature; you can discover them all by playing the game. Some modes have racing cars in them whereas some areas have teleportation portals. The game is interesting beyond your imagination. You can play the game from dusk to dawn still there will be so much left to play. More arenas mean more fun.
The game has a timer of three minutes which makes it even more rushing. In the given time you need to make as much as kill and score the highest point.
1. Arcade Mode:
In arcade mode, last one standing wins the game, which means you need to kill the entire opponent. To kill your enemies, you will get many widgets like the flamethrower, shock guns, lightning gun, sledgehammer and what not. All these superpowers make the game very thrilling. Make the most of it be on the top of it. You will also find the shield to protect you from your enemy’s attack. 
2. New Pacman Mode:
The New Pacman mode is a must try. Everything moves different and faster. You have to collect one hundred coins within three minutes. It may sound easy, but your opponent will not spare you to gain the advantage. Each level you clear offer you bonus points and bonus times.
3. Battle Royale Mode:
The Battle Royale mode is for the ones who can play mercilessly. These modes bring in the target to kill ten enemies in your given time limit. You must be fast and ruthless. You have to kill in time to clear the mission that will give you bonus points. This mode is so far the most intense that you will experience in the game.
4. Iceman Mode:
The Iceman mode, the name itself sounds so much fun. This mode is catchy and refreshing you will enjoy it. The aim of this mode is to freeze the ten monsters, but you will not have bombs armed this time. Instead, you will have an ice gun, there are cute little ice monster roaming in the arena freeze them from the distance before the catch you and freeze in the immovable ice. So, the game has much more creativity to it rather than bombing each other up. This mode takes the game to on completely different level.
5. Star Collector Mode:
The star collector mode, well as the name suggests grab the most stars in the arena to be the superstar. This one is a classic mode and all-time favorite mode for many since childhood. This game is so much fun that you won’t be able to stop once you put your hands on it. It is one the best games to play for free online.
Pros of Bomb It 7
The game is smooth and easy; people from different league can understand and play the game with ease and fun.
With the introduction of new arenas and new characters, the game has met the higher expectations of the bomb it series.
Maps are quite diversified having nine subsections under every mode such that it will never get you bored.
It has features that enable you to play with other players online or play with bots only. 
Cons of Bomb It 7:
There is always a scope for improvement, graphics can be made better.
The improved background music can improvise the gaming experience. 
This game has proven its ground in today's highly competitive gaming arena. All in all this game is successful and proven one in the gaming market. People enjoy the game and play it often. Your time is getting exchanged for happiness via this game and all this for free. It is the top best games on the PC's browser you should check out now and it is completely free. Don’t delay and let the fun battle begin.

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