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Table tennis Training, develop your control game when you can't play at 100%

Although you may want you to be at the top of your game all the time, this is not a realistic expectation of yourself. Sometimes, when you go out to play table tennis, you are not at your best; Something can be on your mind, or you can't be in physical shape with you once. Because you will sometimes find yourself feeling less than your best, it is very important to know how to play under the circumstances, to make a plan and prepare for these times.

When you discover yourself playing at your best less, you should move from your average game into your control game. While your top game has pulled out all the stops, your best maximum play, and your regular game puts you in good players and with excellent skills, control your game. Include you using your most basic skills to perform as well as you have Conditions. Your ping pong level will improve significantly after only 1 week of training with ping pong robot, so you should choose yourself a suitable ping pong playing robot pingpongstart.

If you are not feeling good or distracted from your game, don't expect to be able to copy the ball from both sides. First of all, pause for a moment to recognize and accept where you are; Be comfortable. It is unrealistic to try to rip each ball and play your regular game in unusual circumstances. Move into your control game to get your body and reaction up to speed with what you are capable of doing. Once you feel more comfortable, get speed a bit towards your normal game. If at any point you feel a sense of contradiction, then return to your control game. More than likely, you will find that winning points is not as tricky as you previously thought. With this new insight, you can even perform a controlled table tennis game even when you're playing at 100% of the capacity.

Just remember, it is very difficult to play at your normal speed when you don't feel good. If you try to play at a higher level than your current state allows, more than likely you will just get frustrated with your play and end up performing worse. The Take-Home message is to know your limits and practice adjusting your game to match your current status.

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Joseph Shanley is an American national tennis champion who spent his life perfecting his game and sharing his love of table tennis with the next generation of players.

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