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B66 Yanhe Rd,Zhangmutou,Dongguan,Guangdong,China

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TAICNC provides reliable and precise CNC machines to customers all over the world. Our CNC machines can perform complex tasks such as milling, drilling and turning.


TAICNC Machines is a family-owned company that has long been developing and manufacturing precision CNC machines for milling, drilling and turning. We have built a 100,000 square meter CNC machine manufacturing plant in Dongguan, Guangdong, China, to assemble our CNC machines. All factories operate according to the same quality standards and provide customers with more than 5000+ CNC machines per year. Now we are working hard to expand our international market business and hope to bring China's excellent CNC machines to all over the world. We produce the following series of CNC machines:

  • Vertical Machining Center

  • Small CNC Milling Machine

  • Horizontal machining center

  • CNC Tapping Center

  • Double-column machining center

  • CNC lathe


Affordable small CNC mill is one of TAICNC's competitive products. Choosing the best small CNC mill not only maximizes value for you but also quickly recovers costs.


CNC Vertical Mill (VMC Machine) is also called vertical machining center. This series is the most widely used CNC machine. TAICNC's CNC vertical mill has the highest price/performance advantage.


TAICNC not only assembles CNC machines, but also manufactures some of the core components of CNC machines such as machine spindles and automatic tool changers to ensure the highest degree of coordination accuracy of CNC machines. The company has established a good industrial supply chain for many years and has a complete quality management system and Perfect service system to ensure the best service for customers.


We have strong R&D capabilities to customize our machines and provide OEM and ODM services. Our mission is to provide high quality and affordable CNC machines to our customers around the world.


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B66 Yanhe Rd,Zhangmutou,Dongguan,Guangdong,China

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