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How to Write A Dissertation – Full Guide

A dissertation is a type of paper that a student must complete for earning his doctorate degree. It is exactly like writing a book and divided into different chapters. You can go for professional essay eriting service for more help online.

How to Write a Dissertation?

Refer to the following guide to write a dissertation.

  1.       Choosing the Right Dissertation Topic

It is the most crucial part of the writing process. Brainstorm ideas as much as you can. For this, you can conduct thorough research and seek help from your supervisor. 

Similarly, you can also check the existing Ph.D. thesis to get some useful insights for the future.

Always try to choose a unique angle that will attract most of the readers.

  1.       Making A Dissertation Proposal

A dissertation proposal is a short document that presents an overview of your research. It is reviewed by the committee members. Similarly, the dissertation ensures them that your area of interest is relevant to your discipline of study

A good proposal comprises of the following elements:

  • Introduction to the problem 
  • Purpose of the research
  • How will you carry out the research?
  • Research methodology
  • Limitations of the research
  • The significance of the research
  • The research questions
  1.       Conducting an Extensive Research

A dissertation requires extensive and thorough research. However, make sure you are using reputable source materials.

  1.       Using Correct Dissertation Format

After gathering the research information, the next step is to determine the dissertation outline.

It follows the given format:


  • Dissertation Title

Select your dissertation title, research questions, and central argument. Before finalizing the title, discuss alternatives with your instructor.


  • Dissertation Introduction

This chapter will present the knowledge that you have gathered. It will include the following aspects.

    • Background information on the topic
    • The purpose of your research
    • Research objectives
    • Final outcomes


  • Literature Review

A literature review is a study of existing research on relevant topics. It involves the analysis of the essential findings, variables, and concepts. The sources include:

    • Books
    • Journal Articles
    • Scholarly Sources


  • Research Methodology

It will discuss the methodology that is used to collect data. The two main types of research are qualitative and quantitative.


  • Research Findings

Here a writer should discuss and explain his findings. Similarly, you can also use graphs, figures, tables, etc. depending on the type of your results.


  • Referencing

It is the last part that cites all the references used throughout the dissertation. Making a list of these references.

There are four different citation styles; APA, MLA, Harvard, and Chicago. Every institution follows a specific format. Make sure to determine which format you will be using before you begin your dissertation.


  • Dissertation Abstract

A dissertation abstract must summarize the entire document. It includes the key elements for the reader to get a complete understanding of your topic. It should not be more than 350 words.


  • Rough Draft

After making a good proposal, begin with a rough draft of your paper. It must be divided into various chapters.

  • The first chapter includes the significance and objectives of the research.
  • The next part should include the literature review.
  • The third will discuss the research method.
  • The fourth chapter will present the findings and outcomes.
  • Lastly, the fifth and the last chapter is the conclusion.

We have mentioned the important dissertation writing steps here. However, if you are still worried about the writing process, it is better to hire a write essay for me service. 


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