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Air Force Nurse Corps
800 S Wells St, Ste 130
Chicago, IL, United States

Phone: 312-922-2923
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For new graduates, the Air Force accepts a limited number of novice nurses (those with less than one year, or older than three years, experience as a registered nurse) each year.  These nurses will go through the Nurse Transition Program (NTP) followed by the Nurse Residency Program (NRP) as they transition to their first permanent duty station as a fully qualified Clinical Nurse.  NTP provides a collection of deliberate training experiences and opportunities to develop them as nurses and as officers.  Nurses may apply for one of the two clinical tracks:  Medical-Surgical (46N1) or Perinatal (46N1G).

Experienced nurses need to have a minimum of one year of registered nurse experience in a hospital.

The Armed Forces Health Professions Scholarship Program helps doctorate nursing students complete school with financial assistance.  NC HPSP participants receive Air Force financial assistance for tuition, fees, books, laboratory expenses, etc., in addition to those educational expenses normally incurred by students in the civilian school’s degree program.  They also receive a monthly stipend to cover living expenses (Refer to current memorandum for FY of accession for exact dollar amount.) After graduation, participants will owe the Air Force a minimum active duty obligation of 3 years, or one year for each year of scholarship (whichever is greater).  The standard obligation will always equal 8 years of active duty time and Individual Ready Reserve (IRR) time.  Example: if a payback were 3 years active duty, the IRR obligation would be 5 years.  NC HPSP selects must commission on or before the last day of the year of selection.  NC HPSP participants attend Commissioned Officer Training (COT) after completion of the civilian degree conferment.

• Qualifications- U.S. citizen, BSN, BLS certification, RN license
• How to Apply- Have to speak to the nurse representative


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