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2095 Glen Street
Okland, OK, United States

Phone: 270-317-9921
Web Site: alternative.co.uk

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Digital Marketing Internship


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Okland, OK, United States 


General Business

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Local Dudes Marketing is offering an unpaid remote internship. Currently only looking for one special candidate to fulfill this role. 
We are looking for an intelligent individual who is eager to learn. Local Dudes is an up and coming digital marketing agency. With a focus on helping small to medium size businesses grow, increase leads, sales, and online branding through our services. 
Being a full-service agency, we are looking for someone that is multifaceted and adaptive to changes in our fast-paced industry. We are specifically looking for someone that would be excited to work with our San Diego SEO experts.
This intern should have the ability to multitask and ready to work in a fast-paced environment. The intern will need to be able to aid in the various stages of content writing, website audits, and backlink building through outreach. When done with the internship you will have gained valuable digital marketing agency experience and will have personal knowledge of how to rank websites on Google and Bing.

  • Perform a website analysis 
  • Assist in producing website audits reports
  • Put together competitive analysis reports
  • Help with keyword research
  • Assist backlink building via outreach 
  • Aid in article writing and website content 
  • Provide overall support for our agency 
  • This internship is open to anyone with an interest in digital marketing
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Extensive knowledge search 
  • Ability to write articles 
  • Ability to take direction and multi-task
  • Must have an understanding of Excel and Word 
  • Practical experience with current digital marketing techniques
  • mentoring, and training opportunities with successful marketing professionals
  • Education of SaaS tools used within the industry 
Local Dudes Marketing is located in San Diego but this is for a remote internship. Communication will be done via, phone, skype, email, and slack. 


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