Tips Of How To Properly Dispose Of Disposable Medical Face Masks

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Tips Of How To Properly Dispose Of Disposable Medical Face Masks


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All around the world, people are getting used to the idea that they will be faced with wearing disposable medical face masks. Now more than ever, we need to wear disposable face masks everywhere we go. As per health expert recommendation, one should use disposable medical face masks once then safely dispose of it. So that means if you are used to going out every day, you will need seven disposable medical face masks.

At first, the number may seem insignificant to you, but for a moment, try to calculate the total number of medical face masks being used in your neighborhood. You will find the amounts to be astonishingly high. Carelessly disposing of medical face masks can be not only an environmental issue but also a health issue. Before we look into how to dispose of your disposable medical face mask properly, it is vital to understand the importance of your medical face mask well.

Importance of Properly Disposing of your Face Mask

When we properly dispose of face mask, then we are risking our lives. This because the coronavirus can survive on the surface of face masks for hours and days in some cases.  When you accidentally touch one of the poorly disposed face masks you run the risk of getting infected with the coronavirus.

Another way poorly disposing of disposable face masks is when you leave a face mask on the ground. If by any chance a strong gust passes by the sneeze particles on the face mask can be transported to the next nearest person.

Step by step of adequately disposing of your medical face mask

1. Wash Your hands before removing the face mask

Always start with washing your hands with running water and detergent. Without washing your hands, you are putting yourself at a high risk of coronavirus infection.

2. Carefully remove the facial mask

With high precision, slowly lift your medical facial veil from your face. Make sure that the cover does not touch any part of your body.

3. Fold, roll and wrap your disposable medical face mask

After successfully removing your medical facial mask, ensure that you fold it half inwards. By doing this, you are reducing the chances of nasal or mouth droplets from spilling over. Then roll the disposable face mask then using the ear loops you can wrap the entire mask.

4. Throw it into your rubbish bin

After you have successfully wrap your disposable medical face mask, you can throw it on your dust bin. However, before you throw it on your trash bin, place it on tissue then fully cover it. Then you can throw it into your trash bin.

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