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Minneapolis, MN, United States 


Medical Assisting

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This position is located in the U of M Community-University Health Care Center Dental Clinic (CUHCC). The employee will chairside assist with numerous dentists and dental students to provide quality patient care, sterilize instruments, complete forms, maintain inventory, and schedule patients. The licensed dental assistant will also participate in various quality initiatives and other committees as assigned.

1. Chairside dental assistance utilizing four handed dentistry in diagnostic, endodontics, periodontics, pedodontics, oral surgery, prosthodontics, and restorative procedures. (10-70%)
General four-handed dentistry including expanded functions:
• Take digital radiographs
• Take and pour impressions, along with pulling the cast apart and also trimming it for study models
• Mechanically polish teeth, place sealants, fabricate temporary crowns, fabricate trays for tooth bleaching, remove sutures, place and remove rubber dams
• Monitor patients that are induced under nitrous oxide analgesia. (give N2O if applicable - you must have already taken the course*)
• Turn Nitrous on/off and unplug when not in use
• Chart and write in progress notes using the S-O-A-P format
• Prepare dental materials: cements, amalgam, composite, impression material, etc.
• Take blood pressure as needed
• Removing excess cement
• Manage patients during dental procedures
• Prepare lab slips for ordering lab work, and track receipt of cases
• Schedule follow-up and hygiene appointments for patients

2. Sterilize instruments/equipment and maintain a standard of infection control. (10-95%)
• While in sterilization lab you should wear gloves and safety glasses
• Meet all sterilization and documentation criteria set by OSHA and CDC, ADA
• Make sure all instruments and equipment go through proper sterilization and re-circulation
• Disinfect the dental treatment room according to CUHCC protocol

3. Maintain inventory levels and stock operatories, check in new supplies. (10%)
• Daily - stocking rooms, sterilization area, and any other area where we keep extra supplies
• Writing supplies needed on “To be ordered list”
• Notify supervisor when Nitrous and Oxygen tanks are low.

4. Dental reception/scheduling (0-5%)
• Schedule appointments
• Greet patients
• Answer phones/telephone techniques
• Confirm all appointments one day ahead
• Make sure we have labels or patient identification on all records/documents
• Update phone and mailing addresses in EHS
• Fax referrals as needed

5. Participation on staff development, quality assurance, compliance, etc. (5%)

6. Other duties as assigned

Job Requirements:

Required Qualifications:
1. Graduate from an accredited Dental Assistant course, including registration as a Dental Assistant in Minnesota. Current in CPR.
2. Demonstrated proficiency in working with computerized medical records, Microsoft Word, and other software
3. Demonstrated high-level communications skills to work with patients, staff, providers, and outside agencies
4. Demonstrated excellent customer service skills
5. Demonstrated ability to work with patients and staff from diverse cultures, languages, and backgrounds
6. Demonstrated capacity to work on a team and make positive contributions to the team

Preferred Qualifications:
1. Fluency in one of CUHCC's predominant patient languages (Spanish, Somali, Vietnamese, Lao, Hmong)
2. Experience working in a community clinic
3. DANB Certification.

**A negative TB test is required for this position.**

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The University of Minnesota is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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