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Mediator (Developmental)


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As a Mediator (Developmental) you will be responsible for promoting the development of sound and stable labor-management relationships by advocating the practice of collective bargaining, mediation and arbitration. You will also be responsible for fostering the establishment and maintenance of constructive joint processes to improve labor-management relationships and preventing or minimizing work stoppages through the use of mediation, relationship development training and other joint processes. Mediators also provide a wide range of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) services to help government entities reduce litigation costs, including mediation of discrimination and other claims, workplace conflict management training, facilitation, systems design and negotiated rulemaking. Additional duties for the incumbent include:
  • The mediator is responsible for promoting and contributing to labor management peace through active participation in the collective bargaining process. As an impartial third party neutral, the mediator seeks to achieve agreement through a variety of means such as mediation of disputes; active involvement in various stages of the bargaining process; and relationship development training (RDT) programs, and Education, Advocacy & Outreach (EAO) efforts.
  • Assists in the mediation of labor management disputes in situations where a work stoppage is either not imminent, would be of limited or purely local effect or would, on the basis of history or experience, reasonably be expected to be resolved in a relatively short time with a minimum of controversy. May serve as a junior member of a panel of mediators. Performs any research necessary to understand the basic context of the dispute situation, the industry or field involved, the labor relations history of the parties, and all other pertinent facts or background information. Works with the individual parties in order to secure information necessary to understand the basic nature of the dispute, the issues involved, and the positions of the various parties. Based upon factual information, analysis of the overall situation and its seriousness and complexity, recommends actions or basic approach to be taken. Assists experienced mediators in conducting separate and/or joint conferences with the parties in order to assist them in reaching a mutually satisfactory and agreeable settlement. Conducts separate and/or joint conferences with the parties in order to assist them in reaching a mutually satisfactory and agreeable settlement.
  • Accompanies or assists more experienced mediators on selected RDT cases designed to help parties improve the overall day to-day labor management relations climate.
  • Encourages a greater public awareness and understanding of the agency and utilization of its services through the establishment of contacts with individuals, groups, organizations, etc., who have an interest in FMCS and its work. Explains the basic function of the Service, its role in the labor management relations process, its methods and procedures, and the general philosophy upon which it operates.
  • Responsible for making factual and timely reports of mediation, RDT, and public information activities in the format established by the Service.
  • Maintains a current knowledge and awareness of major developments in the field of labor management relations with particular emphasis upon those which have an immediate or potential effect upon the Service, its mission, or programs. This is particularly important in relation to those industries, occupations, or areas in which the Service has become recently involved by legislative mandate or where its involvement and case load is rapidly expanding.
  • Utilizes technology resources to accomplish the administrative functions of the position. As resources develop, utilizes new technologies and electronic communication platforms to creatively and efficiently accomplish work assignments. In the format established by the Service, mediators are responsible for making factual and timely reports regarding collective bargaining mediation, grievance mediation, relationship development training, alternative dispute resolution services and education, advocacy and outreach activities.
  • Participates in special projects designed to increase the mediator's knowledge and exposure to the programs and training's offered by the Service.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.

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