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WI Department of Health Services

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Enteric Disease Epidemiologist


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Madison, WI, United States 


Health Care Services, Health Information Management, Other

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Full time



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The Enteric Diseases Epidemiologist (EDE) will lead and support local, state, and national enteric disease cluster and outbreak investigations. Outbreak investigation duties include generating initial notifications, developing and using standardized case questionnaires, directing case finding and interviewing activities, conducting interviews when necessary, analyzing exposure information and laboratory data, and producing progress summaries and final reports. The EDE will also conduct routine surveillance and data quality assurance activities that will include real-time monitoring of reportable enteric diseases using a statewide, web-based database to ensure the completeness and timeliness of risk exposure interviews, the appropriate application of case definitions, and the close-out of all cases at the end of the year. The EDE will provide technical assistance to partners and generate outbreak investigation materials and trainings. The EDE will collaborate with colleagues and external partners to maintain databases that capture key surveillance metrics in order to measure performance indicators required by CDC and other agencies. The EDE will contribute to the writing of grant proposals and progress reports required by funding sources, and will attend regional and national meetings to share findings and stay abreast of best practices and recent research findings.

The EDE will also serve as the coordinator for the Surveillance and Outbreak Support (SOS) Team, which supports enteric disease case surveillance and outbreak investigations in Wisconsin. The EDE will coordinate the recruitment of new SOS Team members, ensure that they receive standardized training, monitor their overall activities, and ensure the quality of the data they collect. The EDE will coordinate SOS Team schedules to ensure adequate coverage and manage requests from local health departments for SOS Team assistance.

Job Requirements:

Minimally qualified candidates will have:

•Experience applying epidemiologic methods relevant to disease surveillance and/or investigation activities such as creating surveys, conducting interviews, interpreting laboratory results, analyzing data, investigating outbreaks, developing control and prevention measures, developing/operating disease surveillance systems, etc..

•Experience using data collection techniques and computer database systems to collect, analyze, interpret, and/or disseminate data (e.g.: MS Access, MS Excel, Epi Info, WEDSS, etc.).

•Experience using statistical software to collect, analyze, interpret, and/or disseminate data (e.g.: SAS, STATA, ArcGIS, etc.).

•Experience providing consultation, technical assistance and/or training to public health professionals, laboratory staff, and/or health care providers.

•Strong oral and written communication skills.

In addition, well-qualified candidates will have:

•Experience summarizing communicable disease surveillance data (e.g.: generating written reports, publications, articles, graphs, tables)

•Experience writing grant progress reports and/or grant applications.

•Experience with laboratory techniques used in identifying and subtyping pathogens such as microbial cultures, enzyme immunoassays, polymerase chain reaction, pulsed-field gel electrophoresis, and whole genome sequencing.

•Education in any of the following fields: public health, medical microbiology, physiology, epidemiology, immunology, or general medicine.