Occupational Therapist/Rehab Coordinator - FT (Burlington)

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Millennium Therapy

4725 Merle Hay Rd, Ste 207
Des Moines, IA, United States

Phone: 515-331-3190
Web Site: https://www.millenniumtherapy.com/

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Occupational Therapist/Rehab Coordinator - FT (Burlington)


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Burlington, IA, United States 


Health Care Services, Occupational Therapist



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Full time




Medical-Health: Medical Therapy-Rehab Services

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~~Coordinating operations for the assigned facility for all disciplines in that facility. Works closely with and is directed by the Area Manager. Responsible for scheduling staff in the assigned facility.  Reporting to Area Manager about information on productivity and communication from facility, in regards to facility procedures, changes, and patient care concerns.  Being the liaison between the field staff and the assigned facilities about day to day communication, scheduling, and facility procedures. Works with Millennium’s clients and assigned contracts to ensure satisfaction and works on daily tracking of key statistics for the rehab department.


• Coordinates with specific facility staff in operational procedures.  Helps facilitate frequent appropriate communication between staff, assigned facilities and Area Manager in regards to the assigned facility procedures and operations of the facility.
• Assists Millennium personnel with developing; quality of care, employee treatment skills and census at assigned locations.  
• Helps Area Manager inform personnel on facility policies and procedures. Communicates with Area Managers to clarify and resolve issues.
• Assists in patient care in their appropriate discipline and maintains their required productivity levels for each facility.
Works with Area Manager to help ensure fiscal goals of the assigned facility in regards to productivity, RUGS, and other appropriate patient care concerns.
• Communicates with facility to keep up to date on all rules and regulations for reimbursement or facility procedures and communications that Area Manager and employees.
• Is the person for concerns or procedures the assigned facility staff wants to address. Assists or communicates with Area Manager for clarification of issue and possibly helping in solving the issue if Area Manger requests for help.
• Does daily tracking of Key Statistics and develops daily action steps to ensure the best quality of care for the residents’ at the most optimal reimbursement level.
• Other duties as assigned.